10 Kebohongan Terbesar Dalam Sejarah Dunia


1. The Big Lie: Nazi Propaganda

Nazi Propaganda]Nazi yang sangat membenci yahudi memutuskan untuk memusnahkan yahudi dari bumi. Untu mewujudkan hal ini, Adolf Hittler dan Mentri Propaganda-nya, Joseph Goebbels, meluncurkan kampanye untuk meyakinkan warga Jerman agar memusuhi yahudi Continue reading


Domains 101: Mapping It Out

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A few weeks ago, we whetted your palate with Domains 101: An Introduction to Custom Domainsan introductory post about custom domains. This week, we’re going to delve deeper into the details of domain ownership and hosting your site.

Your registrar versus your host

Let’s pause the tech-talk for a moment, and switch to a time-tested metaphor. Your domain is like your street address. When someone wants to visit your house, they pop your address into Google Maps, follow the directions, and arrive at your doorstep. Your home, on the other hand, is like your hosting provider. It is where your store all of your things: your books, your clothes, your photo albums. If your mayor one day knocked on your door and said, “We’re changing your street name from Main Street to Broadway,” your house would remain the same, but your address would change. Makes sense, right?


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New Themes: Inspiration Laboratory, Nexus, and Fiore

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Happy Threeme Thursday!

Today, we have three exciting new themes to offer you. Two premium themes, Inspiration Laboratory and Nexus, are perfect for showcasing your creativity, while a new free theme, Fiore, is ideal for any blog.

Inspiration Laboratory

First up, we have Inspiration Laboratory — a quirky, playful theme designed by Dima Je. With colorful, personable cartoons, a functional three-column layout, and support for several post formats, it’s a great choice for your tumblelog or personal site.

Yellow not your color? No problem! Inspiration Laboratory works seamlessly with Custom Colors and the Custom Design upgrade, so you can change the accents however you like! We’ve included a few featured color palettes to get you started:

Inspiration Laboratory is a premium upgrade for your blog. Read more about it on the Theme Showcase, or preview it on your site from Appearance → Themes.


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Jokowi Siap Headbang Metallica


Joko Widodo selaku Gubernur DKI Jakarta memang sudah dikenal banyak pihak sebagai penggemar band-band beraliran cadas atau metal, termasuk salah satunya adalah Metallica. Berdasar hal tersebut, Black Rock Entertainment selaku promotor konser Metallica di Indonesia mengaku telah jauh-jauh hari mengabarkan perihal rencana kehadiran Metallica di Jakarta kepada Jokowi. Continue reading